Connect to your vineyard and its people

Winner of the 2019 SITEVI Innovation Awards, FELCO places people at the heart of its new connected solution. The Digivitis solution facilitates the collection and analysis of strategic data. Simplifying day-to-day vineyard management.

This business solution can be fully adapted to your own estate, requirements and development challenges. It has been designed and built with growers to provide you with a range of professional tools. The Collector terminal carried by workers in the vineyard collects data, while the Digivitis online application allows you to accurately analyse the activity of your vineyard.

Tailor-made deployment for your estate

Immediately usable by your workers

Technical support and assistance

Securing your strategic data

Collecting and organising vineyard data has never been easier.

The Collector terminal, which is carried by workers in the vineyard, is geolocated and connected to the Digivitis application. It revolutionizes data collection in the field and facilitates the transmission of detailed information: identification of diseased plants, monitoring of sprayed products, ongoing activities, etc. This FELCO technological innovation has been designed for those who work on vines.

Management of vineyard activities

You plan your activities from the Digivitis application. They are transmitted to your teams via the Collector terminal, along with the information required for carrying them out: location, product, equipment, etc.

Data collection

In the vineyard, the Collector makes it very easy to collect qualified and geolocated data, which are sent in real time to the Digivitis application. It makes it easier for your teams to detect anomalies and locate them very accurately (dead plants, cut wires, etc.).

Terminal resistant to usage conditions

Geolocation with 50 cm accuracy

Optimum readability

GSM connection

The application that makes vineyard management a breeze.

The Digivitis application is an online platform that provides you with a full and detailed view of your estate by analyzing the data collected in the field. It simplifies routine vineyard management thanks to its three main features:

From the interface, you plan vineyard activities by assigning a type of activity, an individual, equipment, a plot, etc. Everything is transmitted live to your workers thanks to the Collector terminal. Digivitis then gives you an overview of the different activities: progress, duration, location, etc.

The application centralizes the geolocated data reported by the people in the field via the Collector terminal. According to your preferences, it displays the collected data on a high-resolution map of your estate.

At a glance, you can access the history and simplified statistics of your estate: yield analysis, disease trends, plant management mapping, etc.

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