Digivitis offers you the best geolocation in the market!

Keeping people in the field. This is the great promise of our new Digivitis connected solution, which simplifies the day-to-day management of vineyards. To meet the challenges and needs of grapegrowers, FELCO has devised an ultra-precise solution that adds to grapegrowers’ knowledge and centralizes information. The goal is to offer a full and detailed view of the estate with a history of the tasks and events in the vineyard.

To that end, Digivitis relies on two main technical assets:

  • A geolocated terminal offering the best geolocation in the market
    The Collector terminal is geolocated to within 50 cm thanks to patented technology provided by a partner company specialized in precision geolocation. The points identified by workers in the field provide information that is essential for an analysis of the vineyard: ratio of diseased, dead and missing plants, disease trends, progress of activities, etc.
  • High resolution map to display geolocated points online
    The estate is mapped when the service is installed, using images captured by a drone or aeroplane. The photographs taken are then processed into a high-resolution 2 cm/pixel map that allows you to locate vine rows in a detailed way: the system automatically detects rows and measures their length precisely (maximum difference 3 cm).
    Thanks to the map, all the geolocated objects seen in the field with the Collector terminal are displayed online in the Digivitis application.

The grapegrower thus benefits from centralized information and strategic data that can support decision-making and allow optimised long-term management of the estate.