A solution connected to your vineyard & its people

Winner of the SITEVI Innovation Awards 2019, Digivitis will revolutionize the day-to-day management of your vineyard. Thanks to its unique data collection system, you can centralize your knowledge of the estate, vine health and benefit from a decision-making aid.

With Digivitis, you control and use your strategic data for optimised and long-term management of your vineyard. Beyond saving time and enhancing productivity, the solution offers you a full and detailed view of your estate. Making it easier to manage.

of activities

Data analysis and decision-making aid

Data collection
in the vineyard

Detailed history of the vineyard

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Why choose Digivitis?

Digivitis has been designed and built along with grapegrowers, and places people at the centre of wine production and grape growing. The solution offers tools to assist your teams in the vineyard and optimise the day-to-day management of your vines.

Task preparation

Planning of activities via the online application
Automatic transmission to teams via the connected terminal

Report of anomalies

Collection of anomalies in the vineyard
Connected terminal with geolocation accurate to 50 cm

Vineyard analysis

Detailed map of the information collected
Vineyard history and activity report


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